About me

Hi, I’m Stefan Dobrev and I’m a software geek. I’m currently running my own startup with simple goal to make developer’s life simple, but not simpler. In the past I have worked at Telerik and helped building some of their successful products like: RadControls for WPF/Silverlight, Icenium and Telerik Platform.

I have been blogging since 2005 at many different sites, but have finally decided to buy my own piece from the vast Internet landscape. So here we go again until the end.

Here are my other posts

  • Vizibility Blogs (thanks to archive.org, because Vizibility’s site is no longer active anymore)
  • ligAZ Blog (my post Vizibility and pre Telerik post are here)
  • Telerik Blogs (I’m still posting here work related posts)
  • Bookvar Blog (some of the posts here are my creations)

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